Squishy Pillow


The Squishy pillow is the ideal pillow for lovers of all things squishy, soft and comfy. This extra gushy down pillow is filled with 90% European duck down and 10% duck feathers. The cover is 100% cotton sateen fabric (Downproof) and keeps the feathers contained so feathers won’t poke through and disturb your deep sleep.

What makes this product special?

- Moldability: It could be shaped around your head and neck, hence adapting to your individual shape. They are ideal for those who like to switch sleeping positions throughout the night.

- Breathability: The natural insulation of down pillows ensures your pillow remains very near to the ambient temperature in which you’re sleeping in.

- Hypoallergenic: It's made from natural materials that are designed to keep skin healthy and happy. 

. Made Of Premium European Down.

. 100% Cotton Downproof Fabric. 

. Sateen Piping.

. Made In Turkey. 

. Dry cleaning is recommended but if washed at home, use the delicate setting.

. Dry either outdoors or using the no-heat air-dry setting.

. It's also helpful to add clean tennis balls or dryer balls to ensure no clumping.

. No bleach should be used

Size Standard

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Type Soft


. Free Shipping.

. Free Returns.

. 30 Night Risk-Free Trial.

Naturally warm and cozy

We ethically source our duck filling from birds living in Germany and Italy's cold climates.

The fluffy down

is found just beneath the feathers and generates both insulation and warmth by trapping tiny pockets of air between the fibers. The more down in the pillow the softer the landing place for your head.

The feather is

the more rigid protective plumage on the exterior of the duck. It gives the pillow structure and volume

Our down is encased

in a down-proof ticking that keeps feathers from escaping so that your pillow remains fluffy.